Billy Woods in Egypt

Billy Woods, Taoist abbot and professional drummer.

Billy began studying the teachings of Grand Master Share K. Lew (called the Dao Dan Pai or Daoist Elixir Style) in 1980. Sufi Thom McCombs is Billy's teacher and school brother. Billy began teaching this style QIgung in 1985. In 2011 Billy (Hu Bao-pu) became Wandering Abbot of Spirit Gate Temple (Shen-men Gaun) and is teaching workshops nation wide.

Qi Gung (Chi Kung) practice was developed in China over a period of centuries to increase ones level of internal vitality

Billy Woods has been a professional drummer since 1958, performing across the United States. In 1980, he discovered the dumbek, playing for accomplished dancers including Eva Cernik and Susannah Del Vecchio. Billy traveled and studied in Egypt in 1987. He has had the privilege of playing on stage with many wonderful musicians, including Souhail Kaspar. In the 30 years he has been teaching, many of his students have gone on to excel in their own right.

A celebration of drums, Seeds of Time formed in 1997 with Billy Woods, Daveed Korup, and later Josh Levin. Several guest artists add their talents to the live recordings. Lights On Productions was formed to produce and distribute Seeds of Time's recordings. Seeds of Time performs at a variety of venues, but primarily at festivals such as Starwood.

Billy tours as a drummer and teacher. He is working on new recordings and producing shows.

Billy Woods retired as Head of Technical Services from the University of Colorado, where he spent 25 years in the Department of Electrical Engineering, receiving awards for his outstanding service. Billy's other major accomplishments are being the grandfather of three: two boys and one girl, and a great-grandson. He has received national recognition including several awards for his contributions to the quality of drumming within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and is known as Master Sylvanus the Drummer.